The days of managing your ERP via onsite servers are over. For the last several years, there has been a transition from a software to a browser-based access.  Now from anywhere, you can access your ERP, so long as you have an internet connection. There are many improvements that make Microsoft Business Central (BC) a good choice for customers who need a more integrated solution.


1. Pre-loaded Permissions

There are still some efforts to secure key business areas for security and access, but vital functions like accounting and external financial 3rd party users are out of the box with minimal setup or configuration changes.

2. User Field Changes

BC does not have controls for field level security. This is an ask of some customers, but a larger feature and significant piece to manage, if administered.  Microsoft released the functionality in BC that helps notify users of changes to some fields and create log entries for this activity.  Better yet, an email can be sent for this monitored fields add.  This is not every field in the database, but many of the key tables have this feature added in version 17 (BC17) and higher.  This is a great way to catch a user somewhere they shouldn’t be and apply security to not let it happen again.

3. Teaching Tips

In version 18 (BC18), these tips appear on screen to help describe something in greater detail. These can be turned on or off in your user settings in the ‘Gears’ options from your sign in screen.


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