Performance Improvement for Crop and Orchard Management

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For the farming industry, and specifically, crop and orchard operations, a range of activities and processes must be executed as efficiently as possible to achieve a healthy yield and a profitable outcome.

From proper soil preparation, planting or sowing of crops, plant care management, harvest, and post-harvest management, it is a complex process in which each activity must be managed properly.

Adroit understands the complexities of Managing a farm production according to recommended farm activities, as well as the importance of regularly recording farm activities for all crops along with usage of farm materials.

Crop Management ERP

Crop management software solutions help farmers optimize the entire range of activities, including the cultivation of seed and resources into harvested crop productions within distinct fields. 

In this specific operation, the farmland is subdivided into fields based on a land plot captured as a .kml file into the system. 

Weather history and forecast is tracked for each field along with other inputs.  Seasons describe a set period. Crops describe the plant and varieties that are planted and grown. A distinct planting for a specific season is known as a crop production. 

Crop productions capture all the inputs required from the time of field preparation through final sale.  The inputs are organized into resources. Typical resources include seed, fertilizer, pesticides, equipment, and people.  These are all described in the system and costs per unit set. 

Tasks are created and used to reserve,  coordinate, and track the resources applied to the crop productions.

An Industry Focus on Crop and Orchard Management Systems

Adroit teams with crop and orchard operators to apply the best process improvements and technology that are specific to the challenge.

In general, Crop Management systems utilize warehouses to contain equipment, and resources.  Current inventory levels and status are tracked.  Reorder points can be set which suggest purchases as inventories fall below set levels.  As tasks consume resources, their inventory is reduced in the warehouse.

Sophisticated Farm Management Systems include fleet maintenance capabilities to manage the maintenance and repair of the various farm equipment.  Maintenance reservations can be utilized to take the equipment out of service for preventative maintenance or repair.

Adroit can assist with formalizing and improving your crop and orchard management processes and systems. Effective management and improved processes all help drive profitability.