Performance Improvement for Poultry Farms

Poultry meat consumption continues to increase with total per capital consumption having increased from 96.9 lbs per capita in 2010 to 112.5 lbs in 2019 per the National Chicken Council. Per capital consumption of eggs has increased as well increasing from 242 per person in 2010 to 289 in 2019. Poultry meat is seen as a versatile healthy food and a good alternative to red meat.  Poultry farms have had to deal with significant pricing volatility and increasing consumer concern about animal welfare and regulatory changes.

These trends and the corresponding shifting demand mean that your farm must be flexible and agile to deliver chicks, broilers, or eggs timed to market needs, all while managing costs and risk.

The Adroit team helps organizations to improve their agility. Our team works to understand your specific operational challenges, jointly craft solutions that incorporate best practices, leverage your existing software assets, and where necessary implement Adroit’s software solutions.

Working with Adroit, you are better positioned to efficiently create and produce products in response to newer trends.

Looking Deeper – Poultry Farm Operational Challenges

A poultry management system provides the structure to successfully manage a set of live poultry organized into flocks. There are three types of flocks and the management needs of each type differ. Breeder flocks are managed to produce live chicks for sale. Layer flocks are managed to produce eggs for sale.  Broiler flocks are managed to grow for slaughter and consumption.

Flocks typically consist of bird type and breeds. Each flock has a unique identifier. All activities associated with the specific flock are tied to this id. The flock id is used to capture all the history, grit consumption, light settings, temperature, egg production, required culling etc. Flocks are assigned to houses.

To improve overall operations, inputs required for poultry management are organized into resources.  Typical resources include feed, litter, equipment, lamps, guards, water fountains and much more.

Tasks are created and used to reserve, coordinate, and track resources applied to poultry management. Flocks are assigned to specific houses. Energy consumption, water consumption, equipment assignment are tied to each house.

Poultry management systems utilize warehouses to contain unused equipment and resources.  Current inventory levels and status are tracked. Reorder points can be set which suggest purchases as inventories fall below set levels.  As tasks consume resources, their inventory level is reduced in the warehouse.

Daily egg production is tied to flocks. Tasks including daily egg capture, cleaning, packaging and shipment.

With today’s modern ERP system, the financials module manages the purchasing of resources the application of those resources to specific flocks, and the recording of the sale of poultry or eggs to enable a detailed view into profitability and yield.

Adroit can help you solve your operational challenges with the application of best practices, optimizing your existing systems, or through the implementation of an Adroit software solution.

Poultry Farm Industry Solutions for Improved Operations

Whether it is crafting targeted solutions to specific operational issues or helping to improve the processes of the entire supply chain, Adroit understands the unique challenges of poultry farms. 

Poultry farming can be complex, and the challenge is to streamline operations while managing cost and maximizing consumer safety and compliance.

In many cases, we can help understand how a poultry farm oriented ERP system in combination with a Supply Chain Planning system can be leveraged to meet key challenges, including: 

  • Developing cohesive sales, operations, and finance plan (SOP Planning) with accurate forecasts, flock and egg production capacities, inventory,, and financial metrics.
  • Shifting tasks to an online system when spreadsheets becomes unmanageable.
  • Integrating insights into production including yield challenges, bottlenecks, and downtime
  • Determining trends across flocks.
  • Eliminating manual and labor-intensive traceability
  • Integrate the record-keeping and document management challenges into ERP software
  • Improving flock tracking through the application of a poultry tracking system
  • Complying with food safety schema supported by independent record-keeping and plans

Poultry farm software and other key business systems all have a role in helping to modernize operations. When properly aligned with overall strategy, these systems help manage complex traceability and record-keeping mandates.

Adroit brings industry experience to each engagement and takes the time to understand the specifics of your poultry farm.  We can help you migrate the spreadsheet-based recipes and formulas into a formal system, and help you to get control of your costs, yields, production, and inventory challenges.