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Get Ready for a Purpose-Built Food and Beverage ERP Solution

Adroit North America’s partnership with Aptean enables us to provide a portfolio of best-in-
class solutions that address the complex challenges of food and beverage processors.

At Adroit, we understand the unique challenges faced by the food and beverage industry. From
stringent quality control and safety regulations to ever-evolving consumer tastes, your business
requires a comprehensive solution that can adapt and thrive in this dynamic environment.

The Aptean Food and Beverage ERP software, built upon Microsoft Dynamics Business Central,
is a flexible and highly configurable Food Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Aptean’s
latest generation ERP is a fully modern Azure – cloud based solution, that provides the
scalability and flexibility necessary for today’s mid-market Food and Beverage processor.

Why Your Business Needs a Food-Specialized ERP

No matter what type of food or beverage you’re producing, manufacturing, processing, or
delivering, your operation is complex and intricate.

Changing consumer trends, evolving regulations, traceability concerns, food safety
management, catch weight calculations, grower accounting—the food and beverage industry is
just too specific to use a generic ERP solution.

Even with customizations, plug-ins, or add-ons, you’re unlikely to get all the capabilities you
need to conquer the complexity and efficiently grow your business.

Instead, you need a tailored ERP for food from a provider that knows your industry inside out.

With a purpose-built solution, you can unlock automation, increase efficiency, enhance
visibility, and maximize performance in your operation—so you can deliver quality food and
meet customer demand easily.

Click the button below to download our white paper to learn more about why your food company needs a food-specific ERP.


Aptean Food and Beverage ERP provides a range of Food Specific Features. It is built upon
Microsoft’s next-generation Saas / Cloud-based platform known as Azure. Aptean has taken
the best of the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP, added their own Food Specific
functionality, and leveraged Microsoft’s Power Platform. The solution includes fantastic Power
Apps, EDI, Payment Solutions, prebuilt analytics for PowerBI and much more. Scalability and
security are best in class.

Key Features

  • Bi-directional ingredient tracking and allergen management.
  • Expiration tracking and tools enabling supply/demand balancing for food-water
  • Automatically calculated catch weight values tracked through a solution to invoicing.
  • Lot tracing, ingredient-level tracking, and product origin management.
  • Visibility into production activities through a collaborative forecasting and planning
  • Grower settlement calculations and pricing are automatically calculated using grade-
    out/pack-out methodology.
  • Deep lot profitability features that show detailed costs for haulage, labor, machinery,
    duty, rework, and more.
  • Supply chain management that supports a wide range of product variations including
    weight, breed, cut, age, variety, region or origin, and packaging.

Next Steps

Join the growing community of food and beverage companies that have chosen Aptean Food & Beverage ERP to transform their operations, increase profitability, and drive sustainable

Contact the Adroit team today to schedule a demo and discover how Aptean Food & Beverage
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