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Frozen food sales continue to experience an upward trend, as consumers stock up on a variety of frozen food items and prepare more food at home. Product innovations have focused on organic ingredients, more sophisticated formulations with international spices, and nutrition with growth in fruits and vegetables. Consumers are seeking shelf-life stability combined with the healthy ingredients made available. Popular frozen foods include peas, French fries, ice cream, fish fillets, bread, pizza, and chicken tenders. Also experience a surge in demand are ready-made meals, gourmet foods and other specialty offerings.

Shifting demand means your organization must be flexible and agile to deliver innovative products timed to market needs, all while managing costs and risk.

The Adroit team helps organizations to improve their agility. Our team works to understand your specific operational challenges, jointly crafting solutions that incorporate best practices, leverage your existing software assets, and where necessary implementing Adroit’s software solutions.

Working with Adroit, you are better positioned to efficiently create and produce products in response to newer trends.

Looking Deeper – Frozen Food Operational Challenges

Frozen food processing is a complex operation, with many organizations in the supply chain processing a range of fruits, vegetables, meats, and other ingredients to preserve the food while retaining original taste and freshness. 

We see many processors turn to frozen food ERP systems to help improve operations and reduce waste, while giving them the opportunity to reduce costs and meet safety mandates.

Modern business systems help manage the entire process, as the food is cleaned and prepared for freezing and then subjected to various quick-freezing methods.  As an example, rapid freeze prevents ice crystals from forming which degrades the product.

A Proliferation of SKUs

Frozen food processing facilities tend to process a large variety of products with high SKU counts. 

Private label products often contain the same ingredients as name brand products.  The raw ingredients are purchased and received in bulk.

For some items, individual pallets or tubs may vary in weight and require catch weight functionality to enable individual weights of each pallet to be captured and associated with a serial number. 

Foreign purchases may arrive in a container with many SKUs and purchase orders per container.  A frozen food ERP system enables processing the receipt at the container level.

Adroit can help you solve your production and inventory control challenges with the application of best practices, optimizing your existing systems, or through the implementation of an Adroit software solution.

Frozen Food Solutions for Improved Operations

Best in class supply chain planning and logistics are critical for success in frozen food.  These features are available in today’s supply chain management software for frozen food manufacturer

Integrated cold chain logistics partners are vital to managing cost and protecting against temperature abuse.

Capable Frozen Food ERP systems need to provide a range of food and beverage capabilities including catch weights, formulations, lot control, integrated HACCP, electronic signature, and a mix of batch and continuous run orders.  Strong support for trade promotions and rebates is also critical.

We can help you to understand how to better leverage your ERP system to meet key challenges, including:

  • Developing cohesive sales, operations, and finance plan (SOP Planning) with accurate forecasts, production capacities, inventory inclusive of distribution pipeline and planned expiration, and financial metrics.
  • Managing formulations and recipes and to get away from unmanageable spreadsheets.
  • Integrating insights into production including environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, and vibration
  • Determining trends across batches and production runs.
  • Eliminating manual and labor-intensive traceability
  • Assessing frozen food management software system fit to the required batch and continuous processes.
  • Complying with GFSI food safety schema, such as SQF, supported by independent record keeping and plans

From improved processing to an improved frozen food distribution strategy, we are your partners when it comes to improving your business.

Adroit brings a depth of experience to help you understand how your entire operation can be optimized, and how technology can drive sustained performance improvements.