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Agriculture and Farming

Adroit understands the complexities of managing a modern farm. 

Farm management must process a large set of inputs to successfully organize and operate a farm to maximize yield and profit. 

To ensure repeatable and improving results, operational processes and systems must be standardized, metrics understood, and improvement actions taken. 

Metrics focus on agriculture economics, plant and animal science, equipment management, and team management.  Farms that manage the resources under their control in the face of ever changing environmental and economic conditions are ultimately the most profitable.

Agriculture ERP for Improved Performance

A Farm Management System, or other solutions as part of agriculture software, provides the structure to manage a range of farm management processes.  A typical system will include modules such as crop management, livestock management, financials, resources, and analytics.

Both Crop Management and Livestock Management systems utilize warehouses to contain equipment, and resources.  Current inventory levels and status are tracked.  Reorder points can be set which suggest purchases as inventories fall below set levels.  As tasks consume resources, their inventory is reduced in the warehouse.

Sophisticated Farm Management Systems include fleet maintenance capabilities to manage the maintenance and repair of farm equipment.  Maintenance reservations can take the equipment out of service for preventative maintenance or repair.

The financials module manages the purchasing of resources, the application of those resources to specific herds and crop productions, and the recording of the sale of crops, milk, and livestock to enable a detailed view into profitability and yield.

A Focus on Farms and Agriculture

Not every business consultant team can address the specifics of farms and agriculture.

Adroit is ready to assist with formalizing and improving your farm management processes and systems. We can help you to understand what you can accomplish today, what your needs are for the future, and then help you to select and implement the most effective processes and system for your farm.