Performance Improvement for Livestock Management

Many livestock managers use specialty agricultural software to track all actions performed in relation to livestock, including feeding, tagging, breeding, treatments, and more.

Adroit has the experience to help managers leverage technology to manage scheduling and budgeting, and improve information management information vital to farm staff, animal nutritionists, and veterinarians.

Adroit teams with livestock producers to support the profitable shepherding of the full life cycle of healthy livestock.

Livestock Management Systems

A livestock management system provides the structure to successfully manage a set of livestock organized into herds. 

Herds typically consist of livestock types and breeds.  Individual animals are added into a livestock record with a unique identifier.  The livestock record captures such things as livestock ID(tag), herd, livestock type, gender, color, breed, birth date, dam, sire, purchase date, and other identifiers.  The livestock id is used to capture all the history, feedings, vaccines, and vet checks for each animal.  For each livestock type an ideal sale age can usually be captured.  As the livestock approaches the sale age it can show up on reports.  Heat detection and pregnancies can be captured for each female and expected due dates based on defined gestation periods. Alerts can be generated as the due dates are near.  With sire and dam captured for each livestock genealogy records may be generated.  Birthing records for individual females are tracked and as their breeding back declines decisions can be made to sell the animal.

To improve overall operations, inputs required for herd management are organized into resources. 

Typical resources include feed, equipment, vaccinations, etc.  These are all described in the system and costs per unit set. 

Tasks are created and used to reserve, coordinate, and track the resources applied to the herd management.  Herds are assigned to specific fields. Weather history and forecasts, and herd grazing are tracked for each field.

Livestock management systems utilize warehouses to contain equipment, and resources.  Current inventory levels and status are tracked.  Reorder points can be set which suggest purchases as inventories fall below set levels.  As tasks consume resources, their inventory is reduced in the warehouse.

Sophisticated Livestock Management Systems include fleet maintenance capabilities to manage the maintenance and repair of the various farm equipment.  Maintenance reservations can be utilized to take the equipment out of service for preventative maintenance or repair.

With today’s modern ERP system, the financials module manages the purchasing of resources the application of those resources to specific herds and crop productions, and the recording of the sale of livestock to enable a detailed view into profitability and yield.

An Industry Focus

Adroit can assist with formalizing and improving your livestock management processes and systems.

Staying profitable and improving operations by implementing efficient processes separates out the market leaders. We can help you to understand where your processes are today, what your needs are for the future, and help you to select and implement the most effective processes and information systems for your livestock operations.