Aptean Food & Beverage ERP LINKFRESH Edition

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 A key part of Adroit North America’s ERP strategy is to provide integrated solutions to solve the challenges of the Produce Industry. As an Aptean Alliance Partner and Preferred Implementor, Adroit works closely with Aptean to support and implement the Aptean Food & Beverage ERP LINKFRESH Edition solution.

Both Aptean and Adroit are committed to growth and the creation of a stronger and more efficient client business through collaboration. We are positioned to assist with full-scale implementations, targeted deployments, integration/development, course corrections, or to just help you get more out of the solution. 

Aptean Food & Beverage ERP LINKFRESH Edition Overview

How Does Aptean’s Food and Beverage Solution Better Equip Your Fresh Produce Business?

This fresh produce ERP solution has industry-specific functionality ready to help you keep up with consumer demand, adhere to safety regulations and maintain sustainability efforts while retaining a healthy bottom line.

  • Track the ownership and activity of parcels of land and the crops grown on that land.
  • Manage farm activities via integration with fixed assets, control contracts and forecasts with growers, and take advantage of reliable harvest forecasting.
  • Gain visibility into producer activities through a collaborative forecasting and planning module with a quality view, pack-out view and advanced shipment notifications.
  • Trigger additional quality checks using time-based, calculated or conditional tests which are then automatically served to quality operatives on mobile tablets on the shop floor for real-time data entry.
  • Realize every detailed cost—haulage, labor, machine costs, duty, rework and more—and revenue from the outset to assess expected profitability of any given receipt, then pay growers based on the results.
  • Manage the enormous number of product variations required by the industry such as variety, region of origin, grade, class, and packaging specification—all with our food dimensions functionality.

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