Background on Food & Beverage Technology

The industry has been through significant changes in respect to programing language as well as consolidation.  Azure and Microsoft have gained significant credibility and awareness in the market as being the premier platform for businesses to host in the cloud and also run their business online from anywhere.  Recently, there are also significant moves to support working from home, so it compliments the current state of the industry very well. The platform is built on the Microsoft Business Central software, in which Microsoft has made its significant digital transformation. The entire software was redirected to work in one internet browser.

How Just Food Differs

Adroit is partnering with Aptean in servicing their JustFood Food and Beverage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).  Some specifics around Aptean’s Just Food product that separate it from base Business Central are primarily focused around food industry and customer analytics.

  1. Item Tracing Functionality
    • Just Food has recall functionality that quickly ascertains all relative data as it relates to an item or lot recall. This captures all the ledger entries down to the source documents in an immediate and fast way to present to the HACCP team on where product went and if you have any left. It also houses all needed information if you want to post records related to the recall.
  2. Quality Module
    • Checks are based on pre-receive, trucking, after receipt, at some points in production, as well as shipments. Additionally, there are ways to leverage Item/Customer/Vendor documentation at time intervals and frequency to remind certain activities like Audits/renew paperwork or inquiries about customer COI. There are many ways Quality Audits based on time frequency can be used.
  3. Formatted Enhanced Documents
    • Examples of these generally used papers are Sales Order/Invoice and BOL documents. They are built and mapped via Microsoft Word. It is very approachable to learn from the ground up from the standpoint of creating a birthday card or memo in word where you can customize your own or existing documents. Mapping is an easier part and there are many resources and intuitive ways to do these changes if you use Word or have used Word. This is a powerful integration of tools that Microsoft has with leveraging ERP.
  4. Lateral Platforms
    • Most of the competition doesn’t have these platforms or they are not as robust as Aptean. These are growing in future versions, but Just Food Floor, Just Food Plant, and Just Food Scheduler are great tools based on where and how they are used in your business, which helps expedite transactions and conduct transactions on the floor, within the facility. Aptean also has a large portfolio of software products. There are many upgrades in the pipeline that will include more options as well. If you are an existing customer, beneficial software package upgrades may be available.
  5. Payment Processing via Aptean Pay
    • This ease of payment process enables businesses to differentiate and integrate payments via email. Based upon macro changes in the environment, this makes processing payment quicker, easier, and more secure for clients and customers.
  6. Focused Analytics
    • While analytics are available to any software for market users, Aptean has its own focused analytics towards the ERP. These are ready to be deployed, and some starter templates are ready to be pointed at an environment and can provide insightful metrics within dates. Most importantly, with several templates, visual details better inform the business.

erp solutions for food companies

Adroit is an Aptean Preferred Partner and works closely with Aptean to implement their Food and Beverage ERP Just Food edition.

Our team is positioned to assist with full-scale implementations, targeted deployments, course corrections, or to just help you get more out of the solution.

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