project planning and scheme selection

It is not realistic for a typical food processor to read the vast number of pages in the Federal Register and then independently take the steps necessary to be in compliance.  There are a variety of schemes including SQF that when implemented ensure that you are in compliance with the FSMA.

Adroit will review your choice of Food Safety scheme to help ensure you’ve selected the correct one for your needs.  We then work with you to put in place proper steering team and cross functional implementation teams. We will tailor our food safety program plan to your individualized needs, the desired food safety scheme(s), and key customer requirements.  The plan will address organizational issues and create a model to address all required areas and processes with a focus on compliance to regulations, supply chain, and key customers.

Adroit helps you to complete the key steps towards obtaining a certification including:

  1.  Purchase/Download the Standard documents 
  2.  Learn what is required for the food safety management system
  3.  Designate and train your Food Safety Team Leader
  4.  Design, document and implement the required processes and programs
  5.  Train your internal audit team
  6.  Run your system, collect records, perform internal audits, management review and HACCP team meetings.
  7.  Make corrections and improvements to your system.
  8.  Select a certification body
  9.  Schedule and complete your audits

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