Quality Improvement

Adroit embraces Total Quality Management (TQM) and can help you to improve the quality of your product and services.

We help you to take a customer-focused approach through cross-functional teams focused on the key workstreams and production processes. Key work streams include quote to cash, procure to pay, design to deploy, plan to produce, hire to retire, and manage the enterprise. 

We help you to integrate your quality, manufacturing execution, and business systems into a holistic view. Your quality measurements and accountabilities are built into your processes. We foster a continual improvement approach that reacts to defined statistical metrics.

The Steps to Implement a TQM Program include:

  1. Establish executive commitment to TQM
  2. Assess the company culture, current customer satisfaction, and the current state of the Quality Management System
  3. Re-examine and communicate the company’s core values
  4. Develop a TQM Master Plan
  5. Complete an assessment of your customer’s needs and prioritize them
  6. Survey the workstreams and identify those processes critical to meeting the customer’s needs. We use the APQC process model as an outline.
  7. Form targeted process improvement teams and a steering team
  8. Implement hoshin planning, training and coaching. Hoshin planning is an element of Lean that is designed to ensure the strategic goals of a business are driving progress and action at every level of the organization.
  9. Implement daily process management to drive standardization and accountability to metrics
  10. Continually evaluate progress and revise the master plan as necessary


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