Customer Experience Improvement and Retention

There is often an invisible wall between the sales and marketing team and the product and services delivery teams.  A lot of focus is placed on earning the new customer with exhaustive metrics focused on things like clicks, customer conversion rates, etc but much less on how easy you are to do business with and what are the key drivers to your customer loyalty.  The customer journey doesn’t end with the first order, it only begins.

We start with building an understanding of why your customers purchased from you in the first place. What are the attributes that differentiate you from your competition and what are the attributes that you wish to have to further differentiate.  We examine the state of things and feed back to you how you actually stack up on those attributes. We work with you to determine your customer satisfaction metric. These can be things like your product performance, lead times / on time ship, customer service quality, access to order status/information, your safety program, etc.

Next we examine whether and how you are determining your customer satisfaction? Do you have a net promoter program in place?  Are you talking to your customers or just taking their orders?  We work to determine the best approach via a range of options including surveys, conversations, etc.

Do you know all the reasons that your customers interact with your company, with whom they interact, and how?  What does the customer journey map look like after they become your customer?  We map all the customer touchpoints and the full customer life cycle and then collaborate on ways to improve the interactions.

Often impacts on customer perceptions stem from inherent internal problems that we list elsewhere in this section.


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