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German brings several years of experience of direct, hands-on experience in the food and beverage consulting world. German applies his experience to help clients in need of assistance, troubleshooting, program development, and implementation and compliance. He has SQF, HACCP, PCQI background. German is bilingual and speaks both English and Spanish.

Career Highlights

V&G Consultants LLC. -- Consultant

Assist Companies Mainly Food and Items related to Food and Beverages troubleshooting their current food safety programs implementation or developing and implementing new programs to achieve compliance and company goals including Food Safety Programs, Pre-requisite programs, Sanitation Programs, etc. Meeting Compliance with USDA and FDA Standards.  Knowledge and Experience on S.Q.F as Previous program Coordinator and S.Q.F Practitioner.

Evans Food Group Chicago, IL -- Plant Manager

Responsible for running the whole operation of at the time the biggest pork rind manufacturer of the world which included raw product processing, cutting/slicing process, cooking/rendering process, frying and packaging.  Making improvements on the company processes bringing the products to a new quality level, Increased productivity by 60% within the same footprint for the pellet production and Tripling production for the Ready to Eat Products supplying national accounts such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Kroger, etc. In addition to this was responsible for supplying pellet products to at least 6 counties in South America and the Caribbean as well as the Evans Sister Plants in different areas of the country and Mexico.

Gaytan Foods Industry -- Plant Manager

Responsible for Running the whole operation included raw product processing, cutting/slicing process, cooking/rendering process, pickling process, frying and packaging for Pork Rinds and Pickled Pork Items and specialty items such as specially formulated products and ABF Products, in addition to this the production of wheat flour snacks and corn snacks. Involved in all the projects for the company including new equipment design and installation, production scheduling, inventory control, Involved in the sale of the Company and the transition to the new ownership, been responsible for training and assisting in the introduction of a new ERP System for the Company. Also involved in the DSD Process, Inhouse Store, and the Service and Maintenance of 14+ Company vehicles for routes, deliveries & pickups.

Gayton Foods -- QA Manager- SQF Practitioner

Developed and implemented Food Safety Programs, Pre-requisite Programs such as Listeria, Salmonella, Sanitation, SSOPs, Allergens and other programs such as Hazmat (CUPA).  Responsible for the Compliance with various agencies such as USDA, FDA, OSHA, Health Department, Sanitation District, EPA, AQMD, Fire Department, etc.  Responsible for the direct communication with Inspectors and Auditors, during the time I was involved in the Quality Department worked in the development, implementation and certification of the company for SQF been the SQF Practitioner obtaining and maintaining during the time I was in the position a score of 98% on the certification (2014) and re-certification audits (2015, 2016, 2017) During the time on the Quality position also assisted in the development of new products and approvals with USDA, new proprietary equipment design, fabrication, installation and operation as well as permitting.  Familiar with the operation of production equipment such as cutters, cookers, fryers, conveying equipment, fillers, vertical baggers, labelers, metal detectors, steam boilers, waste water systems, dispensing and diluting systems, etc.


    • Management Development Program, November 2017 — the University of Southern California (USC Marshall School of Business)
    • PCQI Program Development/ Ashraf Latif, 2017
    • HACCP Program Development/ SCS Global Services, 2012
    • SQF Program Development/ SCS Global Services, 2011
    • LACSD Surcharge/ Loyola Marymount, 2007
    • HACCP Program Development/ HACCP Alliance, 2004