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The Supply Chain Operations Reference otherwise known as SCOR breaks up the Supply Chain Map into six major activities including Planning, Sourcing, Production, Order Fulfillment, Returns Processing and Enablers. The SCOR model provides a detailed process reference model that Adroit uses to document activities within our clients’ Food Supply Chain.

We take a top-down view of the supply chain and start with organizing sources by type and/or location, production capabilities, storage facilities, distribution channels, and customer types. These are represented on a supply chain map.

We identify supply chain scenarios along each of the major activities and then build a comprehensive matrix so that we can understand the utilized equipment, personnel, activities, and systems at each step in the supply chain. We then provide an Adroit Supply Chain Maturity score in which we contrast to best in class capabilities.

The scores are used as input to collaborate with our clients to design a future state for the Food Supply Chain that aligns with the company supply chain strategy. ROI and Service Level Improvements are projected and integrated into a comprehensive transformation plan.

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